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A powerful story for a professional investment firm

  • Brand Strategy & Design

Creating a strong brand that matches Korys’ open-minded vision on sustainable investments for a better world

As the Colruyt family office, Korys is at the same time one of the largest non-institutional investors in Belgium. With a team of c. 30 professionals, the firm typically invests in promising scale-ups and later-stage businesses that are focused around the theme of PPP (People, Profit, Planet). Korys asked Achilles Design to create a brand identity that reflects its sustainability-related guiding principles and investment philosophy. In order to fully understand the essence of the client’s business identity, we first conducted a thorough DNA exercise and closely co-operated with the client to redefine the firm’s mission, vision and values. Based on that, we developed a renewed brand identity, practically from scratch.

The hazel tree as a source of inspiration

The family name ‘Colruyt’ is derived from ‘corylus’, the Latin word for ‘hazel’. Corylus is also etymologically related to the Greek ‘korys’, which means ‘bearer of fruit’. The hazel tree is robust, has a long lifespan, and has the ability to let an entire ecosystem flourish around it. As such, a hazel tree represents a perfect analogy to our client’s vision of investing. The hazel is therefore the core theme on which we built our client’s brand story.
We developed a clear and transparent story, easily accessible, and profoundly substantiated and supported the brand further and deeper through suitable photography, language, interior, architecture, and a focused choice of colours and materials. The client’s new visual identity is now reflected in practically every of his external communication.
The result
As a final result, Achilles Design produced deliverables related to storytelling and relevant visualisations that represent the brand’s essence and that support the brand’s credibility.