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Focus on Smart Safety

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Iristick wanted to create a pair of smart safety glasses for industrial use. It was imperative that the glasses were fully Safety Certified, passing strict regulations. The other unique selling points that Iristick wanted to bring to market included a powerful high-resolution zoom lens; they also wanted to leverage the computing power of smartphones rather than any possible onboard processing power, besides adjustable temples, and fully adjustable displays.
We transformed the client’s early specifications into a concept design through sketches, CAD, and early mock-ups, thereby translating the specific safety eyewear requirements into a light and comfortable design. During the whole process, we challenged every design idea against the end user’s needs as well as production requirements.
System design

Specifications become tangible

First of all, we had to create a comfortable pair of glasses, which the end user was willing to wear during an 8-hour work shift. In order to develop the wearing comfort, prototyping played a very important role in this project from the very beginning.

World's first 3D printed safety glasses

The challenge was to design a product that combines lightweight comfort with high-tech performance, and to enable efficient larger-volume production. 3D-printing was chosen as the production method of the main body for these exact reasons. Our design allowed Iristick to go to market 8-12 months earlier than with traditional injection molded parts.

User comfort through patented technology

Stability of the display proved to be one of the most important details. We came up with a new type of mechanical joint for the display arm. This patented mechanism enables the user to put the display where they want it without worrying that it’s going to move while they are working.
The result
The end result is a Red Dot Award winning, lightweight, and comfortable pair of smartglasses that are also the world’s first 3D printed, fully Safety-Certified glasses. Iristick’s smart glasses transform the way operators work. The powerful zoom lens can scan barcodes from two meters distance, and the user can involve remote experts by sharing camera pictures and having a conversation. Voice commands or hand gestures allow the user to interact with his glasses.
We saw the immense potential of smart glasses that could meet the needs of an industrial environment. Achilles helped us to bring this idea to become an innovative and unique product.

Riemer Grootjans

CTO Iristick