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Fleet management in a beautiful shell

  • Product Design & Engineering
Ubidata offers a telematic device that assists customers in tracking, analysing and optimizing their fleet, goods, shipments and cargo management. They asked Achilles Design to develop a robust GPS tracker that can easily be mounted on various kinds of vehicles, such as a train waggon or a truck or trailer. The device is engineered to withstand the toughest conditions that can be expected in these situations: water, salt, frost, heat, impact, dust, etc.

Achilles designed the casing of the UbiGET-IT. Apart from the aesthetics of the device, we integrated the electronics and took care of the mechanical design. We engineered the enclosure to ensure the required degree of watertightness and impact resistence.


Sturdy yet sophisticated

Above all, Ubidata excels in reliability and functionality. We emphasised this with a design that combines a rugged and tough overall appearance, combined with elegant, sophisticated details.


The enclosure protects the delicate electronics against the tough conditions that can be expected for a device that will be mounted on containers, building equipment, trains, etc. It can be submerged for 1m (IP67), withstand an impact of 500g from 1,3m height and operate in a temperature range from -40 to +85°C. The design is such that these conditions will not affect the performance and connectivity of the device at any time.   A well thought-through mold construction allows to create product variations with additional functionality, such as an integrated solar panel or external connector.
The UbiGET-IT is a performant AND good looking GPS-tracker that enables fleet and cargo management, even in the toughest conditions.
Working with Achilles Design has enabled us to convey our strong underlying brand values in the embodiment of our product development program.

Opher Yaron

CTO Ubidata