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harol veranda in open lucht

New range of folding arm blinds

A new technical design of 7 product systems (folding arm, Tucan, Cadiz, Praia, Lux, Roxy and Duo store systems). With the same simplicity, flexibility and quality as you can expect from Harol products.


We established a strong brand identity by creating a formal link between the different products of the complete range based on the design language previously developed by Achilles for Harol products.

Developing new systems & concepts that enable the integration of additional functionalities and personalization. With strong technical detailing to strategically position the product range in the market.

Vision & Strategy

Rather than develop each product in isolation, Achilles took an integrated approach with Harol to develop a completely new range of folding arm shades – in line with HAROL's core values.


This resulted in a process starting from the focusing of the strategic position in the market via new systems and conceptual challenges to the complete technical detailing of all components within this extensive product range.

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Optional mood light

The integration of LED lighting is optional and can be provided in the folding arm, the box and the front frame. In order to be able to respond to the wishes of the moment (to be able to determine the right atmosphere), there are possibilities to choose both indirect ambient lighting and direct functional lighting.
harol screwdriver system

Ease of installation

LUX & ROXY's new internal angle adjustment mechanism not only makes for a more compact enclosure, but also ensures a simpler and shorter installation procedure on site. (= interesting for dealer/installer).


The compact cabinet is a lasting benefit for the customer and the ease of installation is a recurring benefit for the dealer with every new installation.

harol water drainage

Smart water drainage

The screens are equipped with a clever internal water drain so that the water is discharged in a controlled manner along the sides of the front frame.


The shapes and visual surfaces were kept as clean as possible by using concealed connection systems (screws, clips...) wherever possible.

The well-thought-out design language not only creates a visual link between the various products, but also supports the optimisation of production costs. By developing symmetrical parts that can be mounted on both the left and the right, we can reduce the investment costs of, for example, expensive high-pressure aluminium castings. 

harol veranda in open lucht
The result
The result is a next generation of sun shades that meet the high HAROL standards. They were developed user centered - to the very last bolt... Smarter, Simpler, Sustainable.

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