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The birthday box for a magical children’s party


A dream of a birthday party

A child’s birthday is a wonderful event and should be properly celebrated. However, organising a fun birthday party can be a lot of work: from deciding the theme and sending out the invites to baking a delicious cake, buying presents and planning fun activities. To help parents with throwing the best birthday party ever, DreamLand came up with the idea of creating a birthday box that provides everything you need for a successful party. The Belgian toy store company asked us to help with the design and development of these handy and exciting party boxes.

Full package of child's play

DreamLand wanted the birthday boxes to be available in different themes to provide customers with a choice for their party. However, the biggest challenge was to design the birthday box in such a way that even the packaging could be used as part of a game, a costume, decoration …

Working with different teams on various themes

For this project our product designers worked closely with the brand design team to create these amazing birthday boxes: Superheroes, Disco, Unicorn and Sweet Dreams. Each birthday box contains instructions on how to unbox this celebration package. Parents will be happy to find all the necessities for a fun theme party (up to 10 children):

  • A handy party planner
  • Invitations
  • Decorations
  • Accessories to dress up
  • Ideas and attributes for exciting activities
  • A step by step guide on how to order a cake or a recipe to bake one
  • A fun activity to unpack the gifts
  • A Spotify link to a suitable playlist
  • Goodie bags

The boxes themselves also play an important role in this whole experience, they can turn into a game board, main characters of a game, decoration … When the party is over, they can be kept as a beautiful memory or decorative items.

The result of this creative cross-expertise design project are 4 magical birthday boxes for children to explore and enjoy. The boxes are constructed in such a way that the chosen theme can be explored step by step and every item is part of the experience. The entire project including print work and illustrations are custom-made by our design team.  

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