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Dreambee collection with a huge A-factor

  • Brand Strategy & Design

A collection that can compete with the A brands

Designing a new character for the baby collection of Dreambee, the private label of Dreambaby, is a huge responsibility. For the next two years it will represent everything that Dreambee stands for, reaching a wide audience and competing with the prevailing A brands. It needs to meet a number of conditions before being selected as mascot of Dreambee. It has to be beautiful, trendy and accessible that can be perfectly combined with the basic pieces of Dreambee Essentials. This figure is a true friend of the baby, unbound to a single place within the environment of the child.

We combine our expertise

We plan out an ideal scenario with several clear and fixed milestones to lead our way. The entire process is done in close collaboration with all parties involved: marketing team, purchasing, brand manager, textile experts and fashion designers. Together we create a full collection of baby products ready for market.
With each milestone we take a step further down our creative path coming closer to the ultimate result.

Colors, patterns and themes

We put al lot of thought into all of the products and toys within the collection.
Product know how

Technical detailing

At last, we choose the right materials and draw up technical specifications for the placement of the chosen character and patterns on each product.
The result
A beautiful collection with a little friend for all babies.