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A strong lifestyle brand in drink and food ware

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Keep Kambukka leader in trendy lifestyle drink and foodware

Not only did Kambukka hire us to develop trendy drinking solutions for people on the go, they also asked us to create new and trendy lifestyle prints that appeal to people with different personalities and tastes all over the world.
How we watch trends
It is a continuous part of our job to keep an eye on current innovations and trends in general. As such, we closely watch which colour and material trends are on vogue in the fashion world. This expertise helped us to develop a progressive trend palette for the new collections of Kambukka with their own design.
As soon as we have a good understanding of relevant market trends, we create various mood boards around multiple themes. These themes help us to determine the most appropriate design choices.

Implementation in a project

We developed a comprehensive trend model that gives Kambukka an ecosystem of all active macro trends and trends per relevant market. This model makes mutual coherence visible, while allowing to zoom in further on a particular trend. As a consequence, we were able to develop creative and innovative prints from different angles that meet their market and are consistent with the brand.
The result
A family of bottles with various funcionalities that look fresh, tasteful and that fits the taste of the time and which is liked by young and old. Nice to drink, nice to look at.
A pattern is more than a drawing. As a brand it is important to look for your own identity, also when choosing prints. What feeling do you want to radiate, and do you tirelessly follow the trends or do you look for your own language? Achilles was a great support on this journey. Together we created prints, patterns and colors that are completely Kambukka. The interaction between Achilles, our team, and our brand was important to obtain the end result that we have today.

Sabrina Ruzzi

Marketing Manager Kambukka