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Colmar Group

Appti, a new loyalty platform for the Colmar restaurants

  • Digital & IOT
  • Brand Strategy & Design
  • Retail & Food

Connect with the Colmar customers

Colmar was interested to gain more insight in the behavior of their customers, to increase customer retention in their restaurants and to communicate more efficiently with their clientele. Achilles helped Colmar to create and develop a loyalty platform that enabled them connect better with their customers. Essentially, the platform gives additional benefits to the customers of the restaurants in order to increase customer loyalty.  
Achilles Design was involved in this project from Strategy formulation to creating wireframes and prototypes, performing user tests and developing the ultimate design. Achilles designers deployed their strategy, UX/UI & branding design skills to merge modern technology and user-friendly design with the Colmar Brand.

Workshops together with the Colmar team

During a series of workshops, we guided the Colmar team in defining the strategy for this new service. We helped them in determining the goal and purpose, and to match the business requirements with customer needs. This process led to a decision in the loyalty program’s mechanism and requirements for the minimum viable product.
Brand design

The Colmar brand

However, part of the Colmar universe, the new loyalty platform needed its own distinctive voice. We helped in creating this new brand extension from brand name to final visual concept. By adopting elements of the Colmar brand identity as a basis, we made sure that the new platform fitted perfectly with the existing Colmar brand. The introduction of Appti-specific illustrations and graphics makes it recognizable and stand out in the restaurant
The development

The Appti app

The development of the application was coordinated by us, together with our development partner Cubitec. The platform is built as a responsive web app, to enable perfect usage on both desktop and mobile devices. It integrates with the existing cash register system and the CRM system to create a seamless loyalty experience for the customers.  
The result
the loyalty platform is currently being rolled out in all Colmar restaurants throughout Belgium and France. At this point, the platform has a user base of more than 6000 users and it is still growing.