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New Bednet cradle: online home schooling made easy

  • Product Design & Engineering

New Bednet hardware required new cradle 

When children are not able to go to school for a longer period (e.g. due to sickness), Bednet enables them to connect with their class through a secure one-on-one connection. The recently updated hardware, required a new cradle that was easy to produce in a very short development time.

Achilles designed a functional cradle to hold the individual elements and make it easy to set up the device or carry it around in school. Achilles was responsible for the mechanical design, from concept to sourcing for production.


Less is more

The smart combination of chromebook, keyboard, ambient microphone and rotational camera makes the operation very simple for the schools' ICT-coordinator. The complete setup including the cradle weighs only 7kg, making it easy to carry the setup around school.
“For ICT coordinators in schools, this is so easy. The system requires very little management. It's amazing how Achilles Design has made something so innovative in such a short time.”

Koen Vandenhoudt

Chairman Vicli and teacher trainer PXL

Fast production process: choosing the right techniques

Due to the very tight deadline, we chose production techniques that don't require tooling (wood, sheet metal and 3d-printing). This allowed us to produce a first batch of 1000 devices in only 6 weeks, just in time for the new school year.
This very simple, but exceptionally effective cradle is precisely what the market needs: compact and light, plug-and-play for the schools' IT coordinator, easy to set up and use by teachers as well as children.

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