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Axiles Bionics

Next generation ankle-foot prosthetics


Pushing boundaries in prostheticsĀ 

  • Feasible to manufacture
  • Accurate but smooth assembly
  • No compromise on design and appearance in order to enhance the emotional aspect of the product

Meet Lunaris!

Axiles Bionics developed an innovative mechanical solution, the Lunaris, that accurately mimics ankle and foot movements of a human body. The ground-breaking mechanism enables both comfort and dynamics to a daily, active life. Walking, going up and down stairs or uneven surfaces become effortless again.
Design process

Harmony between manufacturability, design and human-centred approach

Our job was to support Axiles Bionics in translating this revolutionary technology into an actual product: feasible to manufacture, accurate but smooth assembly without compromising its design and appearance. After all, design and styling play a crucial role in creating an emotional connection.


Since protheses are worn by people, we wanted to step away from the traditional orthopaedic, clinical perspective and go for a more emotional, human approach. Working closely together with their engineers and designers we created a design that is comfortable, light but strong, compact and looks more like an actual foot.

Looking for an experienced product design partner in healthcare?