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Bike Republic

Pure biking pleasure, designed in a remarkable campaign

  • Brand Strategy & Design
How can you translate brand values and a brand promise in a unique communication concept via a distinctive design? Bike Republic has a compelling promise: it reinforces pure biking pleasure via its product range and services. We were invited to reinforce this brand experience. The pleasure was ours! While Covid-19 was omnipresent, Bike Republic asked us to develop a campaign to boost its brand promise in an actionable way. Our approach was two-fold.
Design approach
Our first step: creating an umbrella communications platform with pure biking pleasure as creative theme. While traveling abroad was not that evident, we incited the target group to discover unique regions in Belgium by bike. The added value of Bike Republic? The brand experience and the adventure already start from the moment you give your first pedal. Pleasure means spontaneity and imagination. We were thinking of our childhood and those unforgettable moments of our bike trips to sea, pretending you are a real captain. Or on our way to the forest, catching butterflies in our parent’s cargo bike. To bring this idea to life, talented illustrator Veerle Hildebrandt, was commissioned to embody this emotionally driven concept through a series of drawings on the photo's. By taking away a specific context, it becomes recognizable for everyone.
Our second step: illustrating 9 Bike Republic cycling itineraries in a casual and informative style. A rich source of inspiration for all the cyclists who are looking for pure biking pleasure! These itineraries are real discoveries and reveal special places all over the country. To emphasize the special character of the itineraries we needed to develop another style for the design of each of the 9 itineraries.
The design is a mix of playfulness and a realistic reproduction of the route. So, people already get a taste of what’s in store for them: that’s where the experience begins. Including the places of interest, they will see along the way.
The Bike Republic brand is present via its distinctive corporate colours that give the folder with the itineraries a contemporary look and feel. We want to inspire and enthuse the participant about cycling. The illustration style is casual and informative. We chose a realistic depiction of the sights so that the visitor quickly recognizes them. This also contributes to the ease of cycling with the BR maps. Being well informed helps you to find your way without getting lost. For everyone who is looking for pure cycling pleasure.
The design of the umbrella campaign to boost adventurous bike trips and the design of the itineraries are the ownable translation of the brand promise and brand experience. The pleasure of biking, the optimistic tone of voice and dynamic visualization go hand in hand with the imagination of adventure, informative content about places of interest, useful information about remarkable stops and places to have a bite or drink. Bike Republic is the ideal source of inspiration for a day with friends or family in the best parts of Belgium! Let’s go!

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