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We build brands that people care about

We turn target audiences into lifelong evangelists by making big company ideas accessible with strong brands that stand out for simplicity and surprise across every element and experience of their expression.

Brand Strategy

Great brands are hard to ignore and easy to get. Diving into company purpose, position and personality, we help brands clarify and simplify who they are. Story, values and vision are matched in a brand identity framework that inspires messaging, moments and marketing around a single tone and voice. It’s a roadmap for brand vision, expression and action that aligns teams around a traced path to long-term customer trust, loyalty and growth.

Visual Identity

Visual identity runs deeper than a logo. It’s the brand’s values, vision and voice made real in how it looks, sounds and feels across touchpoints — making big ideas feel obvious and familiar in noisy marketplaces. We design visual identities as systems of brand assets like logo, font, color palettes, imagery, icons, illustrations and UI elements, structured to guide cohesive application across web, mobile, print, video and social.

Retail & Hospitality Design

Across stores, pop-ups, branded spaces and hospitality environments, our retail designers draw on expertise from across disciplines to amplify brands in memorable experiences that attract, engage and convert customers. From ideation to implementation and roll-out, we manage projects every step of the way, designing layout, features and sensory aspects to work in concert and build long-term brand equity through emotional connection.

Simply put, your brand is your promise to customers. It tells them what to expect from your products and services and why you're better than competitors. It's inspired by who you are, who you want to be and who people think you to be. As it happens, at Achilles we just love making a good promise.

Unlocking brands through memorable moments and powerful stories

We visualize stories

Strong brands are built on powerful stories. They build authentic trust and loyalty because they consistently echo truths customers deeply identify with. We help you capture your company’s heart and soul in a compelling story and tell it with clarity through elements and experiences that audiences want to engage with and buy from.

Collaborative design

We’re in this together. Building great brands takes a collaborative approach based on a shared commitment to bold ideas, clear communication and honest feedback. We listen closely, ask hard questions, challenge your creative confidence and together co-design a strong strategic foundation that will power your brand for years to come.

Unified user experiences

In today’s complex digital landscape, customers buy into brands with user journeys that feel easy and enjoyable at every touchpoint. Across retail stores, packaging, websites and apps, we sync and simplify every interaction into seamless brand experiences that align user goals with business goals and turn clutter into competitive edge.

Recent work
Working with Achilles Design has enabled us to convey our strong underlying brand values in the embodiment of our product development program.

Opher Yaron

Ubidata / VP R&D
I highly valued the Achilles Design mentality: strong conceptual thinking in combination with a grounded hands-on.

Johan Geens

Commscope / Global System Architect

Isa Ryken

Senior Expert Brand Design

Wannes De Schepper

Senior Expert Brand Design

Nele Vermaelen

Senior Expert Brand Design

Gerty Deschrijver

Senior Brand Design

Nathalie Kessels

Brand Designer

Koen Elsen

Founding Partner

Hans De Houwer

Senior Expert Brand Design

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